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Lead Data Scientist

About Us
SG Analytics (SGA), a Global Insights and Analytics company, focusses on ESG, Data Analytics, and Investment & Market research services. The company has presence in New York, San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, Toronto, London, Zurich, Pune, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad and growing consistently for the last few years.

SGA is a Great Place To Work (GPTW) certified company, and with its thriving work environment shaped by a growth mindset, abundant learning & collaboration opportunities, and a meritocracy-driven culture, SG Analytics has also been awarded regional best employer in 2016, 2018 & 2020.
Job Description
What you'll be doing in your new job:
  • Develop algorithms based on the problem statement & domain area.
  • Create test data, write test scripts & test algorithms such that we can establish and certify decision boundaries & characteristics of the algorithms we deploy.
  • Establish mathematical models to represent specific business functions or consumer behavior.
  • Programming of algorithms, and integration into the Kvantum data science framework.
  • Provide Support and add new features in a marketing performance analytics automation platform.
  • Design & develop new algorithms for optimization, recommendation, attribution, and emerging real-time consumer analytics.
  • Work on the scalability and performance of the automation platform.
  • Create proof of concepts to vet out new technologies.
  • Influence design and architecture principles for new technology products.

For this position, you are mandatory to have:
  • 5+ years of work experience in data science and statistical modeling.
  • Good understanding of Matrix Algebra, Statistics, or both.
  • High level proficiency in SQL.
  • Experience in Julia or Python (Pytorch, Tensorflow, DuckDB, Pyspark).
  • Experience of working on large data.
  • Team Handling and Client handling experience.

Nice to Have:
  • Exposure or working knowledge in building Data Science simulation tools.
  • Understanding of package development and standalone deployment of Julia based software.
  • Knowledge of Linux and machine learning algorithms & tools.
  • Exposure to Kalman Filters, Wavelets, or other DSP techniques
  • Understanding of package development and standalone deployment of Python or Julia based software.
  • Exposure to Generative Models, Variational Auto-Encoders, NLP algorithms and evolutionary algorithms is a plus.
  • Experience of building dashboards on Power BI or Tableau.
Relevant to have:
  • Minimum Graduate in Computer Science, Applied Maths, Quantative/Computational Economics field.
  • Quick Learner, Team Player, Adaptable and Keen to explore new technologies.

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